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With so many choices, look to the industry veteran you can trust!

We are in this Industry for over 8 years. We have the resources and the ability to source a product, in fact any product that you may need.  If you do not find it from the large collection on this website but have the details or a fair idea of  what you want, tell us and  we can source it for you.

Ningbo Impact Industrial Co., Ltd has a reputation that you can trust. We stand fully committed behind our work. With flexible finance options and deeply established factory relationships across the globe we will get what you want at the best possible options.

We have dedicated Sourcing Staff  who check each order including materials preparation, production & packaging prior to shipment.

Ningbo Impact Industrial Co., Ltd will also take care of  all customs clearance procedures including all customs documentations. All duties and entry fees are paid by Ningbo Impact Industrial Co., Ltd.

Why trust sensitive sourcing projects to an unknown when you can use a long established industry supplier who will be here tomorrow.

It doesn’t hurt to get one more Quote...

Ningbo Impact Industrial Co., Ltd Offers:

  • Quality and Value

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Logistics Solutions

  • Compliance

  • Global Distribution

  • Transparent Communications

You Will Benefit By:.

  • Receiving Quotes, in most circumstances, with-in 12/24 hrs

  • Reducing your Risk

  • Achieving Higher Profits/Sales

  • Quality Control over your Purchases

  • Partnering with a Dedicated Company having Your Interests in Mind


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PH: 86-13484297950

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